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About us

We love quality, little details
and a good beer

Who we are

Experts, having fun
delivering great work.

Nebulab is a digital agency based on respect, smiles and hard working people. In our work we strive to balance expertise, humanity and clarity to make contact with other people. We want technology to be warm and welcoming.

Oh and we're also from Italy. We can tell you the secret ingredient of the Alfredo sauce... how cool is that!

What we do

Natural problem solvers.
Trained web nerds.

We mix love and technology to give you the best the web has to offer. We help your business find its natural path as we find simple answers to hard challenges.

Why we do it

We want to inspire people to build game changing apps and websites. We're devoted to that feeling you get when delivering quality applications after months of hard work.

Meet the team

Faces speak louder than words.

Alberto 2x
Alberto Vena


Matteo 2x
Matteo Latini


Davide 2x
Davide Di Stefano

UX Designer

Mettiu 2x
Matteo Galliani

Financial Manager

Shana 2x
Shana Remigio

Web Strategist

Paolo 2x
Paolo Tatone


Alessio 2x
Alessio Rocco


Samuel 2x
Samuel Martini


Daniele 2x
Daniele Palombo


Simone 2x
Simone Bravo


Flavio 2x
Flavio Auciello


Andrea 2x
Andrea Vassallo


Alessandro 2x
Alessandro Desantis


Christian 2x
Christian Rimondi


Francesco 2x
Francesco Michelini