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Disrupting the furniture industry
with Solidus eCommerce

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Floyd - DNVB eCommerce Case Study | Nebulab

Detroit, Michigan

  • Spree to Solidus migration
  • Solidus eCommerce Development
  • Front-end Development
  • DevOps/Infrastructure
Tech Stack
  • Solidus eCommerce
  • OpsWorks
  • S3
  • CloudFront
  • CircleCI

Floyd is a Detroit-based direct-to-consumer furniture company born out to provide an affordable, flat-packed design made for young urban dwellers frequently on the move. Launched in 2014 via a Kickstarter campaign, the company has since shipped its products all over the world and received appreciation from The New York Times, Dwell Magazine, Fast Company, and GQ. Their mission is to change the culture of furniture consumption for the entire home worldwide.

Floyd proved a market milestone without a traditional brick-and-mortar store. In 2015, they had already realized an annual revenue of $500k. Initially, their website was on Squarespace for both its eCommerce solution and web hosting, but soon they realized that their fast growth required customizations that spoke more intimately to their business model: a pre-packaged solution was no longer valid. To go custom was the best possible solution, and a large part of their current success was achieved by choosing to invest in a custom web application that is built with Solidus. Thanks to Solidus, they were finally able to control all aspects of both frontend and backend functionality, focusing on the application to curate features that would support the forecasted business growth.

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Based on the needs along the road, we put together small teams of experts able to cover different aspects and requirements, from Frontend Development to DevOps. Changing teams whenever needed is a piece of cake if you never forget to focus on and maintain code quality, a consistent development process, and a complete test suite!

Main outcomes

Headless CMS

They’re able to design and develop a unique branded experience at every customer touchpoint, from the landing pages to the product pages to checkout and the emails post-purchase (e.g. order confirmations, shipment notifications...).

Fulfillment Automation across Multiple Warehouses

They can rely on a flexible stock and shipping system that allow them to split packages, prioritize stock locations, and fulfill shipments from different third-party logistics warehouse networks to optimize shipping costs.

In-Depth Customer Analytics

They’re able to intercept the order at various states, send partial order information to different analytics platforms, and customize the workflow to better design their digital marketing strategies and take advantage of post-purchase marketing opportunities.

Tax Calculations, Reporting, and Filing

They’re able to add multiple stock locations for each warehouse and easily integrate with any external automation service for sales tax calculations and filing.

Other outcomes

  • Accessible Frontend Development
  • Product Configurator
  • Sliding Cart
  • Debit Payment Solution

Nebulab is a group of highly competent individuals who consistently meets our eCommerce needs, They are very communicative, responsive, and eagerly comes to the table with solutions.

Jacky Giang Head of Technology, Floyd

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