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We are a team of skillful Ruby on Rails experts with a passion for developing Web applications and designing beautiful interfaces. It's something we've been doing for years and, over time, each of us has specialized in a chosen area of expertise. We can help you kickstart your project from the ground up, or augment your team with the right expert for your specific needs.

Consulting for every need

The best framework,
the right mindset.

We use Ruby on Rails for most of our work. It's the only Web framework that leads the way when it comes to making applications that deliver. With a proven track record and one of the most vibrant communities, Rails is the go-to tool for Web development.


Everything in Rails is there for a reason. From database management to API design, we know Rails inside out and can use its suite of tools and practices to provide high-quality products.


After more than 10 years Rails still powers some of the most popular websites on the Internet. We chose it because it's a framework that delivers products that will generate revenue for years to come.


It doesn't matter if we're working with a small startup or a Fortune 500 company: Rails will work. We know how to tweak and use the framework to deliver on time, on budget and with top-notch quality.

Huge ecosystem

Rails boasts one of the most complete, robust and fast-paced ecosystems, and we know how to take advantage of all the tools and libraries at our disposal to build great apps that meet and exceedclient expectations.

Rubyconf Italy

We ran the biggest Ruby
conference in Italy.

We love Ruby, and we want its community to keep growing in the EU. That's why we joined the RubyDay organization with the goal of making the conference bigger and better.

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Our Services

We offer a vast scale of RoR services.


"Nebulab is a group of highly competent individuals who consistently meets our eCommerce needs, They are very communicative, responsive, and eagerly comes to the table with solutions."

- Jacky Giang, Floyd

Open Source Projects

Ruby on Rails taught us
the value of Open Source.

  • Cangaroo

    Today's Web applications require a lot of external services and use APIs to share data. Cangaroo makes it easy for developers to build complex interconnected systems that just work.

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  • Pulsar

    The work is not over when you click Merge: new code needs to be deployed. Pulsar is a Capistrano wrapper that makes it easier for the team to deploy new code to production without a worry.

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  • Solidus

    We firmly believe in eCommerce being the most important Internet-based industry. That's why we are amongst the main contributors to Solidus, the most customizable Ruby on Rails eCommerce platform.

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  • Simple Command

    When applications grow and business logic is scattered all over the place, Simple Command can help you out. By adopting the battle-tested Command Pattern in your application, it becomes much easier to implement and test your business logic.

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