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on Rails consulting

We are a team of skillful Ruby on Rails experts with a real passion for developing web applications and designing beautiful interfaces. It's something we've been doing for years and, over time, each of us specialized in a chosen area of expertise. We can help you kick-start your project from the ground up, or augment your team with the right expert for your specific needs.

Consulting for every need

The best framework,
the right mindset.

We use Ruby on Rails for most of our work. It’s the only web framework that leads the way in terms of solid backend web applications that deliver. With proven experience and an active community, Rails is the go-to resource for traditional web development.


Everything in Rails is there for a reason. From database management to API design we know Rails and can use its real-world proven tools and practices to provide high-quality web development.


After more than 10 years Rails still powers some of the best web applications on the Internet. We don't like to re-invent the wheel: we want a framework that delivers applications which will generate revenue for years to come.


It doesn’t matter if we’re working with a big business owner, a startup team or an eCommerce: Rails will work. We know Ruby on Rails can be optimized to deliver on time, on budget and with excellent code quality.

Huge ecosystem

Rails has a huge growing ecosystem of robust tools and gems, and we know really well how to take advantage of these cutting-edge technologies to build great web apps that meet and exceed clients expectations.

Agile development, fast delivery

Get better results

We also use Rails because of it's rooted in agile development methodologies. But what does Agile really mean? When we start a project we find it very helpful to break it down into manageable chunks. This ensures we have better control over our client's prefixed goals and objectives. Plus, seeing results regularly helps us keeping everybody involved in the project positive and motivated. Based on our experience, that's the secret to a successful product!

Makes sense, right? That's why we love Rails: it makes it easy to maintain this kind of agile work methods. Delivering tangible and fast results, being always responsive and open to changes is our way to bring value to the projects we work on.

Rubyconf Italy

We ran the biggest Ruby
conference in Italy.

We really love Ruby, and we want its community to keep growing in the EU, especially in Italy. That’s why 3 years ago we decided to join the RubyDay organization with the plan to make it increasingly bigger and better.

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Our Services

We offer a vast scale of RoR services.


"Nebulab is a group of highly competent individuals who consistently meets our eCommerce needs, They are very communicative, responsive, and eagerly comes to the table with solutions."

- Jacky Giang, Floyd

Open Source Projects

Ruby on Rails taught us
the value of Open Source.

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