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Solidus Experts

Nebulab loves Solidus.

We design and develop bespoke Solidus eCommerce for our clients. Solidus is an easy choice because it's a stable platform for building reliable online stores that scale from small startups to high volume retailers. Custom eCommerce has never been so solid.

Why solidus?

Open Source eCommerce
done damn right.

Experienced contributors

Maintained by developers working for some of the best online stores, it's built to scale from small shops to international eCommerce platforms.

Code Integrity

All code is written to be easily extendable and is carefully reviewed by multiple contributors before merging it into the codebase.


Attention to vulnerabilities, a robust permission system and an hassle-free upgrade path make it easy to find and eliminate security threats.

Team augmentation

Built for scale and stability.

By combining Rails' attention to best practices with Spree's time-tested reliability, Solidus is a perfect match for team augmentation work. Scaling from small to big is easy and we know how to create an environment where flexible teams thrive. Regardless of your team size, we'll be the Solidus expert you've always wanted.

Solidus Vs Spree

Should you use Solidus
or Spree Commerce?

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Extend & customize

A bespoke buying experience.

Custom Extensions

Whether you need to create a complex gift card program or build an analytics module, we'll use Solidus' extension system to build the right solution. We know that you won't only have an eCommerce, you'll have the one you need to hit your market.


When your eCommerce starts growing it's important to build powerful integrations with external services, from sending emails to managing customer data. We've built Cangaroo, a Solidus integration framework, to help you out.

Payment Gateways

Don’t waste time and money on old, complex payment gateways. Solidus works great with Braintree, Stripe and PayPal. Choose the best gateways and accept payments in no time.

Solidus theme design

Give your store
the look it deserves.

A great buying experience is one of the most important assets of an eCommerce. Skillfully crafted UX design always translates to happy customers and lower development costs. Solidus is completely customizable and provides good foundations: focus on what's important for your users while we build the rest.


Looking for Solidus extensions?
We built Soliton.

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